(Ages 15-18)

Striving for excellence in academic Computer Science
International Baccalaureate (IB)

The SG Code Campus Academics programme prepares students (Year 11/12) to excel in Computer Science as an academic subject under the IB curriculum. The programme is also suitable for IGCSE students (Year 9/10) taking computer science as a subject who are intending to follow on to IB computer science. (Tutoring for AP Computer Science is also available on a 1-on-1 basis - please enquire to find out more)

Our programme places a special emphasis on the aspects of the IB curriculum that most students traditionally find challenging - data structures, algorithmic analysis and object oriented programming in Java. The objective is content mastery so that students have a strong foundation upon which to apply their knowledge effectively to the relevant exam criteria.

In-class projects and apps are also targeted and scoped to meet, and then exceed, the project requirements of the IB exam. (In contrast, our Principles programme leads to more generally-applicable, and practical, app and mobile development skills.)

The Academics programme consists of two distinct parts displayed below (each of which can be taken either alone or together):

Java Immersive
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Weekly Tutoring
IB curriculum
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