Java 2
Java Methods and Arrays
AGES 16 - 18
Course Overview:
This 2-course holiday bootcamp sequence is designed to give students a firm grounding in the Java programming language, which features heavily in the written and practical assessment components of both the IB and AP curricula. Prospective and current iGCSE students in Years 9/10 will also find the Java skills they pick up useful when they continue on to IB Computer Science in Year 11/12 (a common course progression at many international high schools in Singapore).
Over 30 hours of instruction, the Java 1 & 2 courses will cover the following topics:
  1. Control flow, primitive data types and variable
  2. Methods
  3. Recursion
  4. Arrays
  5. Searching and Sorting Alogrithms
Please note that the Java 1 and Java 2 holiday courses cover material equivalent to that covered in our
IB Year 1 Semester 1, and are an ideal way to prepare for students about to embark on IB Computer Science after the holidays.
Hear from our Students!
The SGCC Java course really helped set me up for my Higher Level IB computer science course despite me not having prior knowledge of computer science. The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend anyone who is interested in coding to give it a try!
Oliver Gullery, UWC Dover, 17 years old