Basics X
Topics in Block Programming
AGES 11 - 12
2 HRS X 5 or 8 LESSONS
$455 - $625
  • At least Basics 4 OR
  • For absolute beginners turning 11 - 12 years old in the current calendar year
Course Overview:
Basics X is a supplementary, topic-based series of courses offered on a seasonal basis featuring topics in block-based computer programming. Each iteration of this course will focus on a specific topic over 8 lessons designed to stimulate kids’ curiosity and challenge them in various technological domains - examples of topics covered in previous iterations include machine learning using Scratch X; the Internet of Things (IoT) exploring hardware using the micro:bit; and Mobile Programming using App Inventor. Where appropriate, this course will draw references from and make associations to the material covered in the core Basics 1 to Basics 4 course sequence, with the goal of making students better developers in the domains of animation, game design, mobile programming and IoT.
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Hear from our Students!
I love coding because there are unlimited options when designing my app. It's a great means for me to express my ideas. My favourite part was being able to test out my code and see it work!
Ethan, Tao Nan School, 11 years old