Jr Python 1
Intro to Python Programming
AGES 11 - 12
  • For absolute beginners turning 11 - 12 years old in the current calendar year
  • (For absolute beginners turning 7 - 8 years old, please proceed to Basics 1; for absolute beginners turning 9 - 10 years old, please proceed to Basics 3)
Course Overview:
Jr Python 1 is SG Code Campus' freshman introduction into the world of Python programming, a massively popular and widely adopted full-featured programming language. As one of the world's fastest-growing programming languages, it is used in a wide range of contexts, from web development, financial engineering, bioinformatics and data science.
For absolute beginners new to coding, Code Campers will learn the basic concepts in coding and computer science so that they may begin their journey into the art of problem-solving by writing instructions – also known as programs or code – for a computer to execute. For kids of primary school or elementary school age who have had some experience in block-based programming languages like Scratch or micro:bit or App Inventor, not only will these concepts be familiar but they will now also be understood in Python syntax. As their first experience coding in a full-syntax programming language (as opposed to visual block-based programming), lessons are designed to give kids sufficient opportunity to familiarise themselves with coding in a full syntax programming language while being appropriated paced for this age group. This means they will be typing out code instead of dragging out blocks. Through a more even learning curve, Code Campers are then be able to internalise how the most fundamental coding instructions can be composed to build virtually any computer program.
During this course, to facilitate and maximise learning outcomes, concepts are elucidated in a fun and visual environment using our very own maze, built using PyGame, a Python library popular with Python programmers looking to create games, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. By navigating a character through a maze, Code Campers will experience in real-time and first-hand how code works. Coupled with a variety of text-based puzzle-solving tasks, kids will be inspired and motivated to read, analyse and construct simple programs by:
  • understanding Python syntax
  • creating and accessing variables for storing and manipulating data
  • making simple decisions with conditionals like if-statements
  • repeating instructions through loops like the while statements
  • using simple functions
After this course, Code Campers will have the necessary foundations in the basic coding concepts, Python syntax, logical thinking skills and curiousity about the world of code to solve increasingly interesting real-world problems.
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