Basics 1
Ages 9-10

Starting with Scratch


  • No prior coding experience necessary
  • Prospective students must turn 9 or 10 years old within the current calendar year (for 11-12 year-old with no prior coding experience, please proceed to Basics 3)

Basics 1 is SG Code Campus' foundational course for young beginners. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of coding and computer science, and subsequently learn to program their own computer game using the visual programming language Scratch .

We will touch on the nature of computers - where they are found, why they are useful, and how they work. Code Campers will come to recognise code as a language used to instruct computers, and learn how to use basic coding tools such as loops (computers are great at repetitive tasks so exploit that!), conditionals (enable computers to make decisions) and events (get computers to react to various triggers) to tackle complex problems.

After this course, kids will be able to collaborate with others to devise computer-based solutions to problems and build basic programs using the Scratch platform.

We are currently scheduling sessions for Q2 2019.
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