Principles 8
Ages 13-18

App Build and Design

Prerequisites: Principles 7

The Level 8 is the capstone course of the Principles sequence - in this offering, we will focus on the practical and build-centric concerns in web and mobile development. Through both individual and group projects, students will learn about the best practices, processes and developer tools used to manage the various phases in the life-cycle of creating an app:

  • Ideation, design and planning with Agile and Scrum
  • Development and testing with JavaScript and Python build tools
  • Version control with Git and Github
  • Team and project management with Github Project Boards
  • Basic Python web servers with Flask
  • Deployment with the Amazon Web Services

Over the course, students will develop a portfolio of web and mobile apps showcasing their skill and gain both the expertise and confidence needed to prototype, develop and package their own future projects.

This class was last held in August - September 2018.
We will next be holding this class in Q1 2019.

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