Our Curriculum Philosophy

Coding is a skill and a way of thinking

We live in an increasingly complex world. Whether kids today become doctors, lawyers, artists or engineers, they will need to:

Break down complex issues
Observe patterns in the world
Identify general principles that generate patterns
Work methodically towards a solution

These are integral to the way coders think.

Our best-in-class curriculum helps each Code Camper internalise this way of thinking by developing three proficiencies:

Computer science concepts, coding languages and building programs and applications
  • understanding fundamental computer science concepts
  • expressing ideas in a coding language
  • building solutions to problems that they care about

Conceptual Understanding is Key to Thinking like a Coder

At Code Campus, we focus on conceptual understanding because the concepts transcend coding languages. It future-proofs Code Campers who will need it to learn the coding languages of the future — not just the coding languages of today.

Courses are also designed with specific age groups in mind to ensure that developmentally appropriate methods and tools are used to bring across abstract concepts to kids in a manner that they can best appreciate.

Coding is a means to solving problems we care about

Code Campers learn to use coding as a tool to build tangible products that they know, feel, use and love.

Whether it's in Scratch, AppInventor, Python or JavaScript, each of our course offerings incorporates a practical element where Code Campers create and build real-world solutions to problems that they care about, and that they are proud to call their own.

See what Code Campers have built

By learning to code together, we will build a better future together.

Our Campuses and tech educators are here to provide Code Campers with a supportive community and positive learning environment so that they can dream big and build boldly.

Don't just prepare for the future — build a better future, together.

Ready to be a Code Camper?