Learning Python: The NDSC Edition
Ages 18-21

Part 1 - Python Intensive

Prerequisites: No coding experience is assumed. Prospective students should be in pre-university (and ideally have completed either the GCE A-Levels/International Baccalaureate at a local Junior College/international High School or be currently enrolled at a local Polytechnic)

This course is the first of a 2-course sequence in Python Programming and Data Science. Graduates of the sequence gain the skills and experience which will enable them to take part in the National Data Science Challenge Competition organised by Shopee. Please note that you have to register for this competition separately on the competition website by 9 February 2019.

Learn college-level coding in the massively popular, fastest-growing programming language, Python. It's a versatile language used in a wide range of contexts, from web development to scientific applications and machine learning.

We begin building our foundation by learning the most basic instructions that can be understood by every computer, to build virtually any computer program: using variables to store and manipulate data, making simple decisions using conditionals, repeating instructions using loops. We then learn how to use functions to implement two key problem-solving skills - decomposition of a problem into simpler parts, and abstraction of details to focus on the appropriate level of details. We see how this helps to enhance the readability and reusability of code, which are both critical in any large program.

Finally, we will learn how to use data structures (such as lists) and objects - essential tools for fashioning more complex, detailed and powerful computer programs. We learn how these constructs allow us to capture the features of the real-world entities we wish to represent in our code, which are then adapted to the problem at hand - allowing us to solve problems in domains as diverse as finance, robotics, agriculture and medicine.

Note that after this course, students can proceed to the follow-on offering in Data Science, which would then equip them with the skills to take part in Shopee's National Data Science Challenge.


  • Variables
  • Basic data types in Python
  • Control flow tools: Conditional statements and loops

  • Function definition and calls
  • Parameters and return values

  • Functions as abstractions of tasks
  • Functions in problem decomposition

  • Python lists and list manipulation
  • List methods

  • for loop iteration through lists
  • List and string manipulation
  • Mutability

  • Nested lists
  • Multidimensional data with lists

  • List comprehension basics
  • Mapping data with list comprehensions
  • Filtering data with conditions

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Classes as blueprints for objects
  • Python classes as data types

Lead Instructors
Ph.D. Bioengineering, UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco
B.S. Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Germaine is SG Code Campus’ resident Doctor and chief brainiac - after graduating with both her undergraduate degree and doctorate in Bioengineering from Berkeley, Germaine then placed her considerable talents and intellect to working in scientific research at A*STAR, where her work in bioinformatics, biostatistics, data analysis and robotics saw her applying her coding and engineering skills gained in school to heavy practical use. She believes that the key to engineering solutions to the world’s most complex problems is a multi-faceted approach where hard engineering skills are paired with an awareness and empathy for the people whose lives we seek to impact. It is this ethos that Germaine seeks to instil in each and every student that passes through our doors.

Memberson Pte. Ltd
MEAO Dip. (IT, Business and Economy)

Raimond started coding in the days when the PC had yet to be invented and when computer screens rendered in monochromatic black and white. His coding odyssey has since seen him master well over a dozen programming languages and experience a wealth of programming paradigms. Working in technology at IKEA over a period of more than 7 years, Raimond took up leadership roles in areas as diverse as IT Security and Software Project Management - guiding teams of between 5-15 members. As a self-professed lifelong gamer, Raimond’s passion has led to the creation of a horde of video games across a variety of platforms and user interfaces. IT security is also an area that is close to his heart - he admits that nothing quite beats the thrill of catching pesky viruses and foiling mischievous hackers. In joining the team, Raimond now brings his towering experience and technological prowess to bear on our shared task of teaching the next generation and equipping them with the technology skills they need to build towards an amazing future.

Supporting Instructors
B.Sc. (Hon) Mathematics & Statistics, University of Melbourne

Siu's passion for coding has its humble beginnings in high school, when she taught herself the basics of Java to make simple text-based games just to amuse her friends. Hungry for more, she pursued her interest in Computer Science throughout her degree, and is still fascinated by how even simple algorithms can solve seemingly complex problems.
Siu has a penchant for breaking problems down into a simpler, solvable parts, which explains her love of math and cryptic crosswords, as well as her decision to specialise in Operations Research - a discipline that deals with the use of advanced analytical methods to help organisations make better decisions. An adventurer at heart, Siu enjoys learning by exploring (she is currently teaching herself how to play the piano!) and especially enjoys picking up new skills that allow her to create novel things. Although snakes are her favourite animal (she finds it funny how they're so smooth), she tends to favour Java over Python as a programming language, because she is first and foremost a coffee lover.
In joining the Code Campus team, Siu hopes to encourage more young people to develop greater confidence with technology, as well as the same sense of playful experimentation that drives her.

4:30pm - 6:30pm
Weekend Weekly
2hrs x 8 Saturdays:
Mar 30
Apr 6, 13, 20, 27
May 4, 11, 18
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