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Ting Feng

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Stanford
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, UIUC
Singapore Armed Forces

TF has been using technology to improve efficiency and user experience wherever he goes, even while training soldiers or managing shopping malls. This was especially true when he was developing strategies and running a new business vertical at Southeast Asia’s largest technology start-up. Besides, TF also loves leading teams and nurturing people, having led teams of up to 120 in size. TF is terribly excited to join the SG Code Campus team full-time, where he hopes to build an institution where generations of kids can learn to harness technology to make our world a more pleasant and efficient place.


M.Sc. Management Science & Engineering, Stanford
B.A. Mathematics & Economics, UC-Berkeley

Ian’s love for programming began when he dived into the study of Optimization Algorithms and Machine Learning as a graduate student at Stanford. As a quant risk manager at Barclays, Ian got to further sharpen his craft programming risk engines and coding up financial models in Python, R, VB.NET and the NAG numerical library (FORTRAN). Since starting SG Code Campus, Ian has gone on to pick up JavaScript, Ruby and Clojure while building the first few iterations of this website. Now, he spends every day figuring how Code Campus can better teach and engage our young learners through animation, games, hardware and the web.


LLB Law, National University of Singapore
M.A. International Relations, Johns Hopkins University
B.Sc. Economics, University of Warwick

Steph’s biggest passion is education. Having studied at some of the world’s best tertiary institutions spanning 3 continents and a multitude of disciplines, Steph is well versed with the best learning methodologies. With over a decade of experience tutoring primary and secondary school students in English and the sciences, she is well-primed to advise on our pedagogical approach to code education.


B.Sc. Economics, LSE
Little Llama Pte Ltd
Unity Technologies

Dave has a fierce love for startups and technology. With stints in venture capital and a role at Unity, the game engine behind blockbusters games like Hearthstone and Pokemon GO, Dave caught the entrepreneurial bug somewhere in between and started teaching himself how to code. He has since grown from hobby-level programming to full-fledged web developer, relentlessly honing his technical knowledge of JavaScript and Digital Marketing strategies. He is also an alumni of General Assembly’s Front-End Web Development course. Bearing a deep appreciation for education and pedagogy, Dave seeks to guide the future generation into an increasingly digital and ever-changing world, where he believes adaptability and digital literacy will be the cornerstones of building a successful career, regardless of industry.


Ph.D. Bioengineering, UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco
B.S. Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Germaine is SG Code Campus’ resident Doctor and chief brainiac - after graduating with both her undergraduate degree and doctorate in Bioengineering from Berkeley, Germaine then placed her considerable talents and intellect to working in scientific research at A*STAR, where her work in bioinformatics, biostatistics, data analysis and robotics saw her applying her coding and engineering skills gained in school to heavy practical use. She believes that the key to engineering solutions to the world’s most complex problems is a multi-faceted approach where hard engineering skills are paired with an awareness and empathy for the people whose lives we seek to impact. It is this ethos that Germaine seeks to instil in each and every student that passes through our doors.

Cheng Wei

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (with Distinction), NIE
B.Soc.Sci. (Hon) Psychology, NUS
Ministry of Education
National Heritage Board

Gillian is driven by a love of learning, a passion for good design, and a genuine desire to make the world better.  As a former teacher and mother of 2 (soon to be 3!), she believes that a healthy sense of curiosity is the key to lifelong learning.  It is in this spirit - and the belief that coding know-how will benefit anyone regardless of their chosen path - that she embarked on her own personal coding journey.
Trained in pedagogy and curriculum development, Gillian is well-versed in teaching strategies and approaches to engage young learners and impart the joy of discovery. A firm believer in the importance of a well-rounded education, Gillian is committed to developing generations of Code Campers who are able to marry a firm grounding in tech with an empathy for others and a sensitivity to good design, in order to create elegant and meaningful solutions for a better world and future.


Memberson Pte. Ltd
MEAO Dip. (IT, Business and Economy)

Raimond started coding in the days when the PC had yet to be invented and when computer screens rendered in monochromatic black and white. His coding odyssey has since seen him master well over a dozen programming languages and experience a wealth of programming paradigms. Working in technology at IKEA over a period of more than 7 years, Raimond took up leadership roles in areas as diverse as IT Security and Software Project Management - guiding teams of between 5-15 members. As a self-professed lifelong gamer, Raimond’s passion has led to the creation of a horde of video games across a variety of platforms and user interfaces. IT security is also an area that is close to his heart - he admits that nothing quite beats the thrill of catching pesky viruses and foiling mischievous hackers. In joining the team, Raimond now brings his towering experience and technological prowess to bear on our shared task of teaching the next generation and equipping them with the technology skills they need to build towards an amazing future.

Cheng Wei
Cheng Wei

M.Sc. Statistics, Imperial College London
B.Sc. (First Class Hon) Mathematics, Imperial College London

Cheng Wei is an avid Machine Learning practitioner - as a former Data Scientist at PwC, he applied his magic to building smart applications in areas as diverse as healthcare, language recognition and tax efficiency. Armed with serious Python, R, and SQL skills forged in academia and industry, as well as a penchant for geeking out at the every opportune moment, he strives to help teach and inspire the next generation of budding Machine Learning experts at SG Code Campus!


Final year in Quantitative Finance, Computer Science Minor, NUS

Hock's journey in computer science began when he was a freshman taking an introductory coding module in NUS. Realising the vast opportunities available to those who code, Hock decided to pursue a Computer Science minor concurrent to his degree, and has never looked back; his only lament is that he didn't get started earlier. When he's not coding, Hock spends his time volunteering in reading programmes for underprivileged children with the non-profit BLESS. By bringing his long experience of tutoring and volunteering with kids to Code Campus, Hock aims to provide other children with a head-start in the language of the future.


M.Sc. Financial Engineering, Carnegie Mellon
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, NTU
Olam International
JP Morgan

Jessie’s voracious appetite for learning is obvious when you realise that she learnt web programming on her own time while managing risk at one of the world's largest commodity firms. With a previous multi-year stint working as a Python developer for JP Morgan's Athena trading system, Jessie's affinity for code is matched only by her enthusiasm for sharing it with the next generation. She is fascinated by the interplay between spoken and programming languages and believes that neither age nor language should be an impediment to learning how to code. Jessie also keeps us up-to-date well beyond our shores of the latest happenings in the burgeoning Chinese tech world.


B.Sc. (Hon) Accounting & Finance, University of Warwick

As the consummate investment banker, Edric’s forte is social networks, both in the tech and finance sphere. He loves to meet and learn from people with new ideas on how technology can change finance and other traditional industries. Edric is also our strategic gatekeeper who ensures that we offer true learning value to our kids beyond the technical aspects and helps to keep Code Campus relevant in a rapidly and ever evolving world.

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